Dental Bridges in Encino

Just as their name suggests, dental bridges bridge the gap which is created by missing teeth. The bridge comprises of two crows that are fitted in the gap. Dental Bridges in Encino CAThe anchoring teeth are known as the abutment teeth and the false teeth are placed in between. The false tooth, known as a pontic is made from various materials including alloys, gold, porcelain and sometimes even a combination of different materials. The dentist will use implants or your natural teeth to support these false teeth.

Getting your missing teeth replaced with false teeth is essential and there are many benefits associated with it. If you live in Encino, CA and are planning to get your missing tooth replaced, you can get the procedure done at DDS West Los Angeles, one of the leading dental clinics in California. Dr. Mina Sharifi is the professional who you will meet at the clinic. With years of experience and great expertise in dental care, you can trust him to restore the lost glory of your teeth in an amazing way. It is essential that you get the procedure of inserting false teeth done by a real professional with a track record of being able to provide you with great dental care services that meet your expectations.

Dental bridges come with a myriad of benefits and there is so much that Dr. Mina Sharifi can help you achieve by fixing your missing tooth. First, they help in restoration of your beautiful smile and also restore your ability of chewing and speaking properly. It is also no secret that the bridges help in maintaining the original face of your beautiful face and most importantly, they help distribute the forces when biting and ensures that the teeth remaining don’t drift out of their position.

When you visit Dr. Mina Sharifi’s dental clinic at DDS West Los Angeles, he will explain to you the various options available in replacing your missing teeth. It is essential that you know what options are available at your disposal so that you can make an informed decision. Unfortunately, some dentists do not provide their patients with the information and this is why you should do your homework well to find the best dentist in Encino, CA to visit.

One of the options you have as Dr. Mina Sharifi will talk to you about is opting for the traditional bridges. This is whereby he will create a crown for your implant or tooth and are made using porcelain fused to either ceramics or metal. Then there are other bridges like the cantilever bridges and Maryland bonded bridges which Dr. Mina Sharifi would be gland to discuss with you as well. The process of getting your missing teeth replaced involves two visits to DDS West Los Angeles. During your first visit, Dr. Mina Sharifi will prepare the abutment teeth and make teeth impressions. The bridge will be fitted during your second visit and multiple visits are necessary to check if the metal framework fits properly and make any necessary adjustments.

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