Dental Deep Cleaning in Encino

Deep cleaning is a procedure that allows dentists to clean your tooth roots and gums thoroughly particularly those suffering from gum infections. Dental Deep Cleaning in Encino CAOtherwise referred to as root planning and scaling, dental deep cleaning follows some simple steps that aims at fixing broken tooth. This highly conservative form of treatment helps to keep your gums health and prevent bone loss and tooth loss. If you live in Encino, CA, the best place to go for dental deep cleaning services is at DDS West Los Angeles where Dr. Mina Sharifi has been specializing in offering sound treatments to a myriad of dental problems.

Dental deep cleaning is majorly used to treat periodontal disease or gum disease as well as fixing broken teeth and other dental conditions. The procedure is a simple one and mainly aims at removing tartar and plaque which can cause havoc in your teeth. The procedure will aim at cleansing off the deep pockets in your gum line which trap plaque and that can result in a myriad of dental problems. Deep cleaning completely removes the tartar and plaque that can result in periodontal disease and a myriad of other dental problems.

Root planning and scaling are the two most common procedures involved in dental deep cleaning performed at DDS West Los Angeles. Scaling is used in fixing broken teeth and this is the procedure used to completely remove tartar and plaque from your teeth. Planning is on the other hand used for smoothening out the tooth roots. This way, Dr. Mina Sharifi aims at decreasing the likelihood of plaque accumulating on your roots in future and helping you to enjoy good dental health. When you visit DDS Los Angeles for dental deep cleaning, Dr. Mina Sharifi will use a local anesthetic for numbing your mouth and gums for the processing of deep cleaning starts.

Dr. Mina Sharifi uses hand instruments known as scalers as well as electronic or air powered ultrasonic instruments for plaque removal. The ultrasonic cleaners usually work by forcing tartar and plaque off the broken teeth with vibration. The debris that remains around the teeth is removed through a water irrigation system. Large debris is removed first by use of the ultrasonic instruments and the dentist will use the scaler for chipping away those plaque and tartar remaining on your teeth.

After dental deep cleaning in Encino, CA at DDS West Los Angeles, your gums and teeth might feel sore. During the period of recovery, it is common to experience tooth sensitivity and bleeding. To relieve the pain that results from fixing broken tooth and the dental deep cleaning procedure, Dr. Mina Sharifi recommends that you use pain medication for relieving the lingering pain. He will actually prescribe to your some medication for preventing infection and pain control. If your gums are sore, ensure that you take antiseptic mouth rinses. The entire procedure will be completed in 2-3 visits to DDS West Los Angeles depending on the condition of your teeth and gum and as per the recommendations of the dentist.
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