Dental Fillings in Encino

Even though it takes you more muscles to frown than to smile, ensuring that your pearly whites stay at their shiniest and healthiest is not always easy.

Dental Fillings in Encino CA

Recent times have seen dental health become one of the vital aspects of overall physical well- being. Having sensitive teeth and bleeding gums can at times indicate even a much serious health problem that you should have checked out sooner than later. Getting dental fillings from a reputable dentist is a great milestone towards enhancing your overall dental health.

There are many different types of teeth fillings that you can get and Dr. Mina Sharifi of DDS West Los Angeles will help you choose the most appropriate one for you in Encino, CA. This will help ensure that your cavity is filled with the best fillings possible. As Dr. Mina Sharifi will tell you, the choice of the fillings will mostly depend on where your cavity is and the extent of the tooth decay. In addition to this, you should also ask the dentist about the cost since this tends to vary depending on the type of the filing. The most common type of fillings that you are likely to get at DDS West Los Angeles includes cast gold, silver amalgam, ceramic, glass ionomers and composite resin.

Back teeth cavities are filled with amalgam fillings and these are preferred by many people in Encino, CA since they are the cheapest types of filling materials that you can possibly get. However, these teeth fillings are highly durable and very strong and are able to cope with intensive chewing action. They will unfortunately tarnish and corrode over time as Dr. Mina Sharifi will explain to you. The next options of fillings you can get are the gold fillings but it is essential you remember that these aren’t pure gold as such.

Gold dental fillings are relatively more expensive compared to silver amalgams and if you are on a tight dental care budget, these might not be a great choice for you as such. In addition, you should be ready for an extra visit but the good thing with gold fillings is that besides being more durable, they also don’t get corroded over time. Having Dr. Mina Sharifi fit these on your teeth can provide you with a better, more effective solution to your dental cavities.

Then there are composite resin fillings which are usually a mixture of glass and plastic particles. These are fitted in parts of your teeth that are visible and are relatively costly. However, they are preferred by many since they are able to perfectly match the color of your teeth. Ceramic teeth fillings are also another option as well as glass ionomer and others. One thing that you will need to remember is that maintaining good dental healthy isn’t a single day activity but a lifelong task. Dr. Mina Sharifi will offer you professional guidance as to what suits you best to give your teeth a completely new makeover. It all starts by scheduling your dental appointment now and Dr. Mina Sharifi will be more than willing to attend to you.

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