Dental Root Planing and Scaling Deep Cleaning in Encino

When it comes to maintaining healthy gums and teeth, preventive care has always been regarded as the best medicine.Dental Root Planing and Scaling Deep Cleaning in Encino CA

You can effectively stave away your dental problems through diligent flossing and brushing as well as regular dental deep cleaning and checkups. But sometimes, more intervention is required when your dental wellness has been attacked by advanced gingivitis or gum disease. Visiting a dentist in Encino, CA who is well experienced with handling such kind of dental problems is very essential. When it comes to this, Dr. Mina Sharifi of DDS West Los Angeles is the right dental practitioner to seek the best dental cleaning services.

If you are for example suffering from gingivitis, it is essential you understand that regular teeth cleaning won’t really help contain the problem. You will need a deep dental cleaning procedure that is going to effectively tackle your gum problems well in advance before the condition worsens. This is mainly because it is not possible to treat gingivitis and if you don’t visit DDS West Los Angeles as soon as possible, the inflammation is going to find its way down to the foundations of your tooth and thus causing the so called ‘periodontal pocket’.

Before things get out hand, it is essential that you visit Dr. Mina Sharifi for regular dental checkups and help contain the problem well in advance. Keep in mind that deep cleaning of your teeth helps a lot to prevent the irreversible damage to your dental support structures. The good thing however is that it is possible to halt the progression of gum disease through intensive cleaning when caught in time. If you suspect that you have such a dental problem, it is essential that you visit the website of DDS West Los Angeles and book an appointment with Dr. Mina Sharifi.

During your appointment, Dr. Mina Sharifi will also you certain question to assess your condition before recommending teeth cleaning. To start with, he will ask you about your health industry in efforts of identifying underlying risk factors or conditions which might contribute to development of gum disease. He will examine your gums carefully and try to check if there are any inflammation sights. A pocket test will be performed whereby Dr. Mina Sharifi will use a tiny ruler known as probe for checking and measuring any pockets.

If there is a sign of a potential bone loss, Dr. Mina Sharifi will confirm this through an x-ray and he will advise of a deep cleaning will benefit you or not. This procedure is also known as root planing and scaling. The process aims at removing the tartar and plaque completely thus restoring the healthiness of your teeth. The procedure can be a little painful but this will generally depend on the depth of the pockets. But you can be sure that when you visit DDS West Los Angeles, Dr. Mina Sharifi will do everything possible to minimize the pain and discomfort of the procedure. Several appointments will be required to achieve the best results possible.
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