Periodontal Services in Encino

Periodontal diseases are serious gum infections which damage your soft tissues and completely destroy the bone which supports your teeth.Periodontal Services in Encino

Besides, leading to tooth loss, periodontal diseases also increases the risk of stroke or heart attack and other even more serious health problems. Periodontal services in Encino by Dr. Mina Sharifi as top dentist, not only helps to treat these diseases but also helps to prevent them in the first place to limit the risk of getting such infections which could be disastrous to your dental health. The main cause of these periodontal conditions is bacterial which come from dental plaque.

Dr. Mina Shraifi advises good oral hygiene as an effective way of preventing periodontal diseases, particularly flossing and brushing. Bacterial plaque is the culprit cause of periodontal disease and at DDS West Los Angeles; Dr. Mina Sharifi, Encino dentist will be working towards eliminating such plaque to lower your risk of getting the infection.  If the plaque is not carefully removed, it will harden to form a porous, rough substance called tartar. When things have come this far, you can only visit DDS West Los Angeles to have the problem treated. Dr. Mina Sharifi, Encino dentist will use special instruments to carefully remove the calculus/ tartar and ensure that the poisons or toxins that cause gum irritation are completely removed.

During your regular dental check-ups at DDS West Los Angeles, Dr. Mina Sharifi, Encino dentist will be able to spot warning signs of this disease and recommend periodontal services right away. The most common signs include bleeding gums, swollen, red or tender gums, bad breath, loose teeth, change in the fitting of dentures, pus appearance between the gums and teeth after compressing the gums, tooth migration or drifting or changes in bite as well as a receding gum line that has been pulled away from your teeth.

While Dr. Mina Sharifi, Encino dentist will be able to treat periodontal disease completely, it is always good that you do your best to prevent the condition from occurring in the first place. Professional dental examinations and cleanings at DDS West Los Angeles are highly recommended as well. Keep in mind that even the most diligent and thorough home dental care doesn’t give you a guarantee that you are completely free from periodontal diseases. After the disease has started, getting professional intervention as soon as possible is very important to prevent progression of the disease.

Most importantly, Dr. Mina Sharifi, Encino dentist will advise you about factors that can accelerate the disease and how to avoid them in order to ensure that your teeth stay at the best condition possible. Such include diabetes, smoking, stress, grinding and clenching teeth, poor nutrition and medication. Through the wide range of periodontal services offered at DDS West Los Angeles, Dr. Mina Sharifi, Encino dentist is able to improve the condition and help you to reclaim your dental health back.

Such include gum grafting techniques or gum grafting and periodontal surgery that help to deal with much more serious cases of periodontal conditions. This will help ease the pain and great discomfort associated with the disease and help better the quality of your life.
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