Tips On Family Dentistry And General Dentistry

There are a lot of different types of dentists, and it can be confusing when you are trying to pick one. There are people who practice general dentistry, family dentistry, orthodontist, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, cosmetic dentist, and the list goes on.

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DDS West Los Angeles is located in West Los Angeles, California, is a top quality dental clinic that deals with most of the common dental problems. Dr. Mina Sharifi from DDS West Los Angeles explained what the difference were in some of the dental clinics, and what their names imply.

General dentistry is a practice that deals with the diseases of the mouth and gums of people over the age of twelve. In general dentistry practices you can get a tooth pulled, you can get a filling put in a tooth, you can get x-rays made, you can get root canal work done, and you can usually have tooth extractions that do not require surgery performed.

Family dentistry clinics handle all of the oral education, prevention, and treatment, for everyone in the family from birth on up. In family dentistry they may have to refer you to an oral surgeon if you ever need one, but they basically treat every oral problem a family has. They clean teeth, they apply whitener to teeth, they put caps on teeth, they do fillings, they do extractions, and they treat diseases.

Orthodontist deal with the braces and devices that are applied to teeth to straighten them and correct misaligned biting patterns. People do not usually see an orthodontist until their children reach about twelve years of age. Adults also get braces and straightening devices placed on their teeth, but it is rare for children under the age of twelve to get these items placed on their teeth because they have not yet lost all of their baby teeth.

An oral surgery does tooth extractions that require the gums to be surgically opened to get the tooth out. They also perform dental implant procedures, and in some cases they do surgical re-alignment of the jaws. These professionals are most likely seen because a dentist from another type of practice has seen the need for surgery and they recommend the oral surgeon to their patient.

Pediatric dentists specialize in the dental concerns of patients under the age of twelve. The pediatric dentist takes care of any problems with the teeth and gums of their tiny patients, and they instruct them on how to properly clean, and care for their teeth. A pediatric dentist should be seen regularly by a child from the time they get their first tooth so that the child grows up knowing that dentist are there to help them, and they will not have fear of going to one of these professionals. The fear of the dentist causes more oral complications and more lost teeth than accidents or diseases.

A cosmetic dentist concentrates on the dental procedures that make your teeth prettier, whiter, and straighter. The apply veneers over teeth that are slightly out of line to create a perfect looking smile.

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