Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Tips On Recovering From A Wisdom Teeth Extraction In Encino and West Los Angeles

Dr. Mina Sharifi is an expert in Wisdom Teeth Removal in Encino and Los Angeles, One of the most common dental treatments that people undergo is wisdom tooth surgery in Encino and west Los Angeles.

wisdom teeth extraction los angeles

Like the rest of America, the people of west Los Angeles and Encino California often find that extraction surgery is necessary to prevent further oral problems which may arise due to impacted wisdom teeth. Removing these unimportant teeth can help to protect other teeth in the mouth. Whilst wisdom teeth extraction in west Los Angeles and Encino California, is usually a relatively simple procedure, there are some additional tips to help patients to recover from their surgery as quickly as possible.

Take time off to recover

You will not usually be able to return to work immediately after surgery, so make sure that you take enough time off to recover. You may need a friend or family member to help you to get home after the surgery, because the pain drugs which you have been given may prevent you from being able to drive. Talking may also be harder for a few days after the surgery, so if you must return to work, you may want to avoid speaking roles or important meetings for a few days. Resting can help to speed up the healing process, so do not do any strenuous activities, and make sure that you continue to get a good night’s sleep whilst you are healing.

Watch what you eat

In the immediate after math of your wisdom teeth extraction surgery, you should stick to liquids, and then gradually work your way onto softer foods, such as pudding. Avoid drinking hot drinks on the day of your extraction and try not to eat spicy foods for a few days, as these can irritate the extraction site.

Keep the affected area clean

It is important that you keep the area of your extraction clean after any wisdom tooth surgery in west Los Angeles and Encino California, although you might have to change your dental care routine slightly, in order to do this. Avoid brushing or flossing near to the affected area for a few days, because these vigorous movements can dislodge the blood clots at the extraction site, which will make healing harder. Instead of brushing, you should rinse the area with a homemade salt rinse, created using salt and warm water. A salt water rinse can help to reduce swelling and pain, as well as helping to keep your extraction site clean.

Keep exercising your mouth

Although your mouth will feel very stiff after the surgery, it is important that you keep gently open and close your mouth occasionally. Doing it slowly and gently will help to lessen the pain. It is important that you do this, to prevent the stiffness from becoming permanent.

Listen to your oral surgeon

After any wisdom teeth extraction in west Los Angeles and Encino California, your oral surgeon will be able to offer you individual hints and tips about how to speed up the recovery phase of the surgeon. Listening to their advice can really pay off, because they will be able to give you advice which is unique to your particular extraction.
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